Eko Njo, a play that affects generations and creates a consciousness to think about love or loss was recently performed in Lagos. The sky went blue and the moon shines to sing songs of creativity as the day comes alive.

The play inspires unspoken words. The narrator took the audience on a journey with soothing words and exclusively giving an insight into the inner workings of their minds, their ideas, their loves and hates. This was accompanied with movement and lines to illuminate parts of our daily lives that we hardly consider.

The dances display a performance style that is shaping the dance culture. One of its most appealing qualities is that it can be performed either as a solo, duet or team presentation.

While the sound, during the production, was initially oddly low and incoherent to the opening dance performance by a group, the choice of the fast-becoming-classic play by the award-winning singer, Dare Art Alade, and the classic tunes of the legendary Fela Kuti greatly added to the success of the play as it aligns well with its thematic line.

To make up for the lapses of the first dance group was the solo cultural dance performance of a young lady reminiscent of J.P. Clark’s Agbor Dancer as she was indeed ‘caught in the throbs of drums’, ‘entangled in the magic Maze of Music’ as she ‘treads the intricate pattern rippling crest after crest’. The combination of the play with such fitting music and dance performance made the performance a refreshing cocktail of total theatre.

The stage was properly set in a traditional design, setting the atmosphere for the audience to travel back in time and enjoy the flashback of the past, the present and the future of Ilu Eko.

Lead character was played by Olawale Lampejo, the second lead character was played by Halimat Alabi, followed by Kingsly Bassey who made his way of stunting the audience with his dynamic interaction with the audience and the dancer John Okpa with Oluewu Abiola on the master drum.

The play, put together by Theatre Centrik, was staged at the Louis Palace, Ajah, Lagos, also featured Musical kiddies Kraft.

The play was directed by Tony Biyi Boyede of Theatre Centrik and he did a good job by selecting appropriate casts who delivered.

According to him, the event serves as a platform to remind its friends, clients, colleagues and the general public of its core values which is to raise a right thinking and patriotic youths for future positive engagements and development via theatre.

Some of those present to see the play were: Louis Ajie, who hosted the event, Toyin Buriamoh and Femi Ogundare Wahab.