Oworin Meji (The Sojourn), a play written by Lekan Balogun and directed by Tony Biyi Boyede, goes on stage on Sunday March 1, 2015, at NECA Hall, NECA House, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. It is produced by Theatre Centrik, a Lagos-based theatre and media company with an African root but a global spirit, and features a crop of talented and experienced actors.

The play Oworin Meji (The Sojourn), explores the experience of three Jolly Friends in search of destiny which lies in their hands.

In interpreting this story, modern techniques are explored to define the purpose of each individual as connected to the other. Ilu moves on without the understanding that Eegun and Agogo is the complement of his journey. To convey the central theme of the story, special act of the sojourns is exploited to truly give clear understanding of the imagery that is contained in the story, Boyede stated, adding that the audience should expect to see dance and music to really express the dramatic exploit in the story.

“Oworin Meji,The Sojourn is a play about our life, existence and interactions; Connection between those around us and those within our reach.

We are set to watch the connection between Ilu, Eegun and Agogo; the rhythm of Ilu accompanied by Agogo and the elegant dance step of Eegun.” He further stated that the core value of Theatre Centrik is to promote global arts and culture. “We organise various events such as Araloba, Dance Champions League, and Street Theatre, just to mention a few.

The organization has also performed at different functions local and international, and trained numerous groups, schools and individuals various rudiments of theatre.”


Source: http://newtelegraphonline.com/the-sojourn-goes-on-stage/