On the busy and rainy Saturday in May, last year, Theatre Centrik and the Creative Arts Students Association (CASA), University of Lagos set the Creative Arts Hall on theatrical fire with a festival of dance and drama in what they call Ara’n bada.

Ara’n bada is a Theatre Centrik initiative to celebrate Africa’s rich cultural heritage. The event which was the season V of Ara’n bada was an avenue for all lovers of art and creativity to express their gratitude for the graceful nature of the African heritage.

High point of the performances during the festival was the stage presentation of the play Araloba, written by Lekan Balogun and Tony Biyi Boyede with contribution from Olumuyiwa Adebayo. It was an expression of Dance and Drama. The central theme of Araloba was the essence of dance and dance language. They believe dance is not just someone, somewhere or somehow. But dance is everyone, everywhere and perfect.

It is the language we speak to identify our self to the root. The dances of forebears dance give us the true essence of their beliefs and value. Dance is made for laughter, mourning, celebration, ritual performance and the likes. Dance is not just what we do at a point but what we do at all times. A movement from a specific position to the other is synonymous to dance. The performance also witness steel interpretation of great artistic work of Oliver Enwomu and Mufu Onifade.

Written by Tony Okuyeme

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Reference : Compass Newspaper